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That dream bike just got real and affordable with SeaWest. It's not just riding. Go Beyond

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  • Enjoy the Open Road

    What has two wheels, a rumbling engine, and an easy rider? The bike you got with an affordable SeaWest motorcycle loan.

    With SeaWest, you get great rates, no prepayment penalties, and no down payments (with credit approval).  And for new Military & Coast Guard members, we offer a 0.25% discount off the published rate.  Existing members can also get 0.25% off the published rate with Direct Deposit to a SeaWest checking account and automatic loan payments.

    And it isn’t just the loan⁠. We’ll also help you out with any taxes, licenses, and warranties. All this because SeaWest knows it’s more than a bike. It’s a way of life.

    • Great Rates
    • Military Discounts available
    • Finance 80-100% of the purchase price
    • Pay for licenses, taxes, and warranties
    • Mechanical breakdown protection and GAP insurance available

    Get Pre-Approved in Minutes

    When you finance with SeaWest, you get pre-approved fast, letting you shop smarter with negotiating power.

    We also partner with AutoSMART to give you a transparent, stress-free buying experience. Search for new or used bikes, work with our partner dealerships, and apply for a loan all within one easy to use portal.

    Find Your Bike

    Protect Your Bike

    Adding guaranteed asset protection (GAP) and mechanical breakdown coverage to your motorcycle loan can protect you from life’s unexpected events.

    For just a few dollars a month, you’ll be covered no matter what life throws your way.

    We believe in making things as affordable and convenient for you as possible. That’s why we offer you a variety of products and services like these when you take out a vehicle loan with us.

    How Much Will Your Motorcycle Payment Be?

    Find out if it’s time to purchase a new motorcycle. Keep in mind, actual loans are subject to credit approval, and rate eligibility will depend on credit score and history.


    Get Out There

    Loan Amount
    Term (Months)
    Term (Months)


    Get Started

    We’re Here to Help!

    SeaWest has members, not customers, account holders, or numbers on a spreadsheet. That means we take the time to get to know your financial situation and goals.


    “A credit union that truly cares about their customers. I’ve never felt more welcomed everytime I step foot into SeaWest. Beyond grateful to have the opportunity to have a location where I’m stationed.”

    – Richard S.

    SeaWest Gets You On the Road

    It’s our privilege to help you get the lowest rates and best terms possible. If you’re ready to feel the wind in your face, we’re ready to get you out there. To get started, fill out this fast and convenient online application.

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  • Motorcycle, Jet Ski, & Snowmobile Loan Rates

    DescriptionBest APR*TermApply
    New Motorcycle, Jet Ski & Snowmobile8.20%*36 Months Other rates and terms availableApply Now
    Used Motorcycle, Jet Ski & Snowmobile8.70%*36 Months Other rates and terms available Apply Now

    * APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates quoted above are for the lowest possible rate available, which assumes excellent borrower credit history and the shortest term available for that loan program and includes a 0.25 rate reduction for direct deposit to a SeaWest checking account and automatic loan payments. Discounts cannot be stacked. Rates vary with term. Your actual APR will be determined at the time of disbursement and will be based on your application including loan amount and term, and credit information.

    Rates are subject to change without notice.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    SeaWest offers financing in a variety of ways: mortgage loans, personal loans, lines of credit, and credit cards. Whether you have excellent credit, good credit, bad credit, or are working to build credit, we will work with you to help you find the right financing option for you, and to get the lowest rates possible.

    Often, credit unions are able to offer financing to borrowers who would not otherwise be able to take out a loan at a traditional commercial bank. As not-for-profits, they’re also often able to offer lower interest rates on everything from auto loans to personal loans, and more.

    Not sure what type of loan or borrowing you’re eligible for? We’ll help you review your credit profile and talk about options. Click here to contact us.

    SeaWest knows that service members value trust and loyalty. It’s a trust we take seriously, so we have invested in top-of-the-line security features with you and your protection and security in mind.

    That’s why we’ve partnered with AT&T and Microsoft so we can provide secure software and encryption, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over one million dollars invested in IT infrastructure, together with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) account insurance, helps to keep you, your identity, and your money as secure as possible.

    SeaWest recognizes and honors the service and sacrifice of every branch of service and its members. That’s why we’re proud to offer active duty service members and veterans free checking accounts.

    These special accounts come with no minimum balance or monthly fees (non-sufficient funds fees do apply), along with 1 box of personalized checks, and 4 free monthly transactions at out-of-network ATMs.  All SeaWest members are eligible to apply for our basic checking and Beacon checking accounts, as well as IRAs, certificates, savings accounts, and youth checking and savings accounts.

    We also offer a 0.25% rate discount on certain consumer loans to new SeaWest members who are active duty Coast Guard or other US Military service. Existing members can also get a 0.25% discount with a direct deposit SeaWest checking account.

    SeaWest partners with TruStage to offer our members Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Home Insurance.

    We’ll also help you out with warranties, licensing, and taxes that come with your motorcycle purchase.

    Late payments are charged an additional 5% of the original payment amount.

    SeaWest has two branch locations in the Bay Area and our members are also eligible to bank at our shared branches.

    SeaWest members also have access to over 30,000 shared ATMs around the world!

    SeaWest membership is open to men and women who are either in-service to our country or have been in service and are:

    • Active Duty- any branch of service
    • Retired- any branch of service
    • Auxiliary- any branch of service
    • Honorably discharged veteran- any branch of service

    Membership is also open to US Coast Guard civilian employees.

    Navy League of the United States members and Department of Homeland Security employees in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah are also eligible to join.

    Finally, SeaWest membership is available to immediate family members and domestic partners of all of these eligible groups.

    Our Online and Mobile banking tools let you set up scheduled, automatically-drafted loan payments from your checking or savings account.

    Online banking comes with a variety of benefits. You can contact us via secure email, review your payment history, and manage payments. Most importantly, you’ll avoid missing or being late on a payment, negatively impacting your credit score!

    You’ll also enjoy access to free E-Statements and account alerts with Online and Mobile banking.

    Friendly, knowledgeable SeaWest staff can answer your questions. From loan amounts to annual percentage rate eligibility based on your credit history.

    As a credit union, SeaWest is different than most commercial financial institutions. That’s because we’re a member-owned nonprofit, which means you’re borrowing from a lender that’s rooting for your success.

    SeaWest staff works with you to help you meet your goals. We’ll help you make the right choices for you and your personal circumstances.

    Contact us and let’s start a conversation!

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