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About SeaWest We're proud of our story

Where it all began

60 years ago on Base Alameda, leadership started a round of collections. At the time, payday lenders would often saddle younger recruits with debt. Leadership wanted to help the younger recruits get better loans at reasonable rates. What began as a small round of collections in a shoebox grew quickly with more contributions and greater organization. 

What we stand for

When you start a credit union from the ground up, you know a few things about trustworthiness, personal service, and good faith. We don’t keep your money in a shoebox anymore. But we are committed to showing those same principles to everyone who works with us today. We want to help people weather life’s storms and celebrate the sunny days with them. 


Where we are now

We proudly serve Coast Guard personnel, just like we did when we started. We now also serve all Bay Area military, veterans, and people all over the world. We still have a special heart for serving younger military members, just like our founders did.

Current Annual Report
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