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Youth Savings & Checking Accounts Youth accounts with awesome rates

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  • We’re big believers in starting young

    Having a savings or checking account means independence, knowledge and a comfy financial future. Get set up for success when you open one.


    • Fantastic dividend rates (up to 10%)
    • Teen-friendly mobile app
    • Easy monitoring with joint accounts + online banking

    Kids Savings

    Saving should be exciting. Start your kid off right with high dividend rates and exceptional service. They’ll smile every time you help them check their balance.

    • For ages 0-12
    • 10% dividend rate on balances up to $1,000
    • No extra fees

    Youth Savings

    Save for college, your first car, or just your favorite gaming console. Earn a killer savings rate on your first $2,500.

    • Ages 13-17
    • 5% dividend rate on balances up to $2,500
    • Sleek mobile app

    Youth Checking

    You’re a teenager now. You deserve your own checking account. We can also set you up with a debit card for easy spending.

    • Ages 13-17
    • No monthly fee
    • No minimum balance
    • Withdraw up to $200 a day


    We'll get you set up

    To open an account, give us a ring or come into any branch.

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  • Youth Savings Account (Minimum Deposit $5)

    Kid Account (0-12yrs) 10.00% on first $100010.47%
    Youth Account (13-17yrs) 5.00% on first $25005.12%
Youth Savings & Checking Disclosures
Parents or Grandparents are required as joint holders on all accounts. One account per child. Kid Savings: Dividends start at first $5. Once balance exceeds $1,000 or child reaches age 13, dividend rate on amounts from $1000 to $2500 drop to 5.00% until the balance exceeds $2,500 or child reaches age 18. Dividend rate decreases to current rate offered on savings on balances of $2,500 or more. Youth Savings: 5.00% will be paid on the first $2,500 deposited. No fees. Dividends start at first $5. Rate on any balance over $2,500 decreases to the current rate offered on savings accounts. When account holder reaches age 18 the entire account converts to Regular Savings account and dividend rate decreases to the current rate offered on savings accounts. Youth Checking: Youth Savings is required to have a Youth Checking account. Daily withdrawal limit is $200. Daily POS limit is $500.
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