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Financial Education

Protect Yourself Financially During Deployment

August 5, 2019

Deployment is a major facet of Coast Guard and military life. Coast Guardsmen and their families (and extended families) need to discuss and plan for important financial and legal matters prior to deployment.

Patience, a sense of humor and good communication are vital for all family members.


Discuss responsibilities


Preparing for deployment and reunion should start long before the ship gets underway:

  • Discuss financial and household responsibilities before your loved one departs and make sure arrangements are made with other family members to share responsibilities during the deployment.
  • Discuss your family’s long-term needs and take steps to make sure those needs will be met while your spouse is away.


Organize and store documents


In case of emergencies, you want to make essential financial and personal papers are safely stored. Always keep the originals of important documents. Regularly review your military paperwork to make sure it’s current and correct.

Establish an agreed-upon safe place to store important papers. These may include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates
  • Social Security cards
  • DEERS enrollment and other Coast Guard records
  • Passports
  • Wills and power of attorney
  • Insurance policies
  • Tax returns
  • Deeds and receipts/warranties for big-ticket items.

SeaWest provides safe deposit boxes that are perfect for storing important documents. You can stop by a branch if you’d like to open one.


Know what costs to expect

Get a good idea of spending and needs during deployment, before it ever happens. This budget worksheet can help you know what to expect.


Download Budget Worksheet


Finally, as a good neighbor, we urge you to lean on your support network. Spouse Clubs, your Ombudsman, and the base MWR can provide great support. If you’ve got financial questions, call or come in and talk to us. At SeaWest, we’re happy to provide answers or suggestions, and the conversation is always free!


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