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Overdraft Protection Every payment goes through

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  • Pay Confidently

    Declined cards can be a hassle, and rejected automatic payments can cost you in fees and credit scores. Overdraft protection transfers money from your savings account if your checking account runs short of funds. This way, true to Coast Guard form, you’ll always be prepared. Just give us a call or stop by a branch to get squared away.

    • Automatic transfers from savings
    • No declined cards or unpaid bills
    • Cover charges in financial emergencies

    Also as available as a line of credit

    A line of credit can cover charges when you don't have the cash. It's great for emergencies or months where you're a bit short.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. We'll cover up to 6 transfers per month from your savings to checking to handle overdraft issues. We do charge a small fee for each transfer to cover insufficient funds (typically much less than you would be charged by the merchant).

Overdraft Protection Disclosures
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. Our Customer Service call center is open every day from 4am PST to 10pm PST. Call us at 800-SEA-WEST and press Option 8.