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The Credit Union For the Coast Guard & Beyond

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We're proud to serve you

We are the only credit union built for the Coast Guard. With thousands of members around the world, we understand the unique challenges of military life and we are here to help. It's what we were built for.

It’s PCS Season

And we’ve got your back!

We understand the stresses a PCS move can cause. Unexpected delays, extra hotel nights, new appliances, just to name a few!  Keep that high APR credit card in your pocket and check out our low interest PCS loans, built for military personnel on the move.

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Why so happy?

Our Auto loan rates are at historic lows, that’s why!  So go ahead, find the car that fits your dreams.

Add Military or Direct Deposit discounts for even greater savings.

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Your money, anywhere

With SeaWest your money is where you need it. Deposit checks from anywhere on the globe and access your money from 30,000 ATMs.

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